Finding Job Has Never Been So Easy

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December 29, 2017
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January 3, 2018

Our platform helps all users to never lose a job opportunity, notifying them all that are appropriate for their profile. Know the services that the portal has for you. We offer you a series of benefits, with the aim of providing you with the necessary information to increase your chances of finding a job. Find out about all the services that we have for you. Use our Appointment System to receive personalized attention in the workplace. We will help you find employment in the job market, we will tell you how to obtain economic support for self-employment and we will give you information to access training courses to improve your skills.

Expand your opportunities to find a job according to your needs, using the main job boards online. Participate in the Employment Fairs organized by us throughout the suburbs. If you are interested in making your work profile known to several companies, on a same day and place, the Employment Fairs are for you. Participate in its face-to-face or virtual modality.

Why use our service?

The services offered by the Employment Portal have transformed the way in which job seekers and companies are linked, thanks to the fact that the Employment Portal has unique advantages in terms of data security, availability since it is free. On average, up to date, two hundred thousand job vacancies are offered. We maintain relationships with other job boards online, as a way to increase job placement opportunities for job seekers, and we disseminate information about work programs, training options, articles of interest, among other topics. Thanks to our easy-to-use design, since we have extensive coverage and quality of the services we offer, which is why thousands of job seekers have found job offers according to their needs.

Different job search options

We have options to search for open job offers, specific search and search by profile; Use any of them to find the job you are looking for. If you are in session, the degree of compatibility of your profile with the requirements of the offer will be shown; postulate where the compatibility is greater

Virtual space

When concluding your registration in the Employment Portal, you will have a virtual space to manage your information, update your work profile, upload your video-curriculum, generate your curriculum vitae, and store the offers of your interest, among other things.

Better projection of your labor profile

From your space, you can upload your video-curriculum to project a better image before the recruiter. In addition, you can customize your curriculum vitae with the different available templates.

Employment advice

You often think: “If I’m looking for a job, why do not I find it?”, Or are you starting your work life? The Employment Portal helps you in both cases Through the Job Search Skills you will learn how to prepare a high impact curriculum vitae, how to conduct yourself in an employment interview, the correct way to fill out a job application, where to look for work, among other topics.