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How does a job bank work at us?
December 29, 2017

Looking for work on the internet is frustrating, there are only offers of shit, in good people, nobody calls you and in the end, you end up more depressed.” An unemployed 34 years with university qualification that has been unemployed for five years, but very similar phrases can be heard daily in any conversation that revolves around the search for employment on the Internet. Just do a simple test on Google: if we write “does [any generalist job portal] work to find a job?” we will find dozens of forums and articles in which many people seem to question the true usefulness of web pages currently designed to search for employment in our country.

And of course, it is clear that not everything is as easy as entering one of these websites, do a search of five minutes and find your ideal job, but what part of the reason is there in that discourse that discredits those portals? Are they really useful sites for the unemployed person looking for a job? But do not worry we are legitimate and 2018 arrives and perhaps you have proposed new purposes in your active job search. Is opposing one of them? Go for it then! You should know that, nowadays, your options to find a job will also increase if your profile is found in both public and private employment exchanges. But, what exactly is an employment exchange?  How does an employment exchange really work? And, where can there be an opportunity to be hired?

An employment exchange is a “list where applicants to get a job have to register to wait to be recruited” As we already mentioned, there are conditions that are exclusively for you to achieve your best inclusion in the labor market. Among them is your willingness to really integrate into a job, to identify the skills you have, to know what your attitudes and values are towards work; as well as the knowledge that you can have the existing vacancies in your locality or entity, the profiles they seek, the values they require, etc. To discover your skills it is necessary that you reflect on the following questions:

What do I want to do?

What is to be done?

You must add what you have studied and which area of interest you have? So that this information can help you to have a better position, even if what you expect or that you highlight among your competition. When creating your profile, do not forget to include your work references. Since you know how we work, go ahead and apply for the best. There are many offers available at our side.

We have countless opportunities, if you want to access all the possibilities, then that is not a problem at all. Also, multiple companies are associated with us, and they have access to the curriculum database, from which they will extract their candidates by using different filters: experience, degree, age, etc.